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N•ear Protectr™ Earplugs - Heavy Industry (PR-2262)

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The N•ear Protectr™ series offers a comprehensive selection of hearing protection solutions. N•ear Protectr™ Heavy Industry 25 earplugs are reusable universal fit hearing protection, essential in noisy work environments like machine shops and construction sites. Designed for noise levels exceeding 85dB, they can be combined with earmuffs for double protection in loud settings. Featuring advanced membrane technology from Dynamic Ear Company, these earplugs provide comfortable ventilation, avoiding sound muffling common in traditional options. With removable, washable filters for various attenuation needs, Heavy Industry reduces sound levels by 25dB, ensuring safe and comfortable protection for up to 8 hours in environments reaching 110dB. 


  • Reusable universal fit hearing protection for noisy work environments. 
  • Classified as Personal Protection Equipment for machine shops, farming, road building, and construction. 
  • Combines with earmuffs for double protection in extremely loud settings. 
  • Utilizes advanced membrane technology for comfortable ventilation, avoiding sound muffling. 
  • Offers various attenuation levels through removable, washable filters. 
  • Suitable for miners and quarry, construction workers and machinists. 
  • Reduces sound levels by 25dB, providing safe protection for up to 8 hours in environments reaching 110dB. 


  • Weight: 0.032kg 
  • Dimensions: 15.2x7.5x22.5cm 
  • Eartip Size: Medium, Large 
  • Filter Type: -25 dB average damping, impulse filter 


  • 2 x Large universal earplugs 
  • 2 x Medium universal earplugs 
  • 2 x acoustic filters providing 25 dB average damping, and which are 100% acoustically tested. 
  • Aluminum key-ring carrying case 
  • Manual