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Wireless PTT (IP67) works with all Choice Wireless Capable PTTs (C+WPTT)

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The CHOICE PTT/mic also has the ability to use a second PTT that is a Bluetooth Wireless PTT (Sold Separately).  This is perfect for using the Wireless PTT on a steering wheel, handlebars, vest molly’s, beltloop, guns, or anywhere else you that is useful.

Easily pair your Wireless PTT to your Choice PTT with the pairing button on the back.  It takes just seconds.  Enjoy a 2-Year performance from the removable coin battery and replace it when needed.

  • -  Wireless Push-To-Talk 
  • -  Works with CHOICE PTT 
  • -  Replaceable Coin Battery (CR 2032) 
  • -  2 Velcro Choice Straps
  • -  Range up to 100m