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N-ear 360 earpiece SINGLE - Coiled 22" Silver cable - SnapLock connector (N-SL-360-22S)


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The N-ear 360 is the most covert earpieces on the market today.  This is truly Improved Critical Communication. The unique patented design bends the wire close to the head to give a discreet, comfortable and secure fit.  The N-ear 360 has proven to be an essential tool in critical communication and is already used and trusted by high performance security and law enforcement teams around the world.





0% Ear Fatigue - Designed to wear all day - Virtually unnoticeable

Discreet -  Invisible design - High concealment 

100% Situational Awareness  - Hear everything around you 

Unique Audio Signature - Patented micro speaker technology

Secure Fit - Patented ear bend and ear tips holds perfectly N-ear 

Toughest Cable - 1.5 times stronger than Kevlar cables

High Durability - Patented cable connector titanium, palladium & aluminum

Speaker Filter - 2 patented replaceable wax speaker filters

Ear Tips - Patented ear tips - replaceable

FDA approved

3 Year Warranty

SnapLock Options - Because the N-ear 360 has SnapLock, you have all the options of 1 or 2 wire in a standard resin line, or in Braided Fiber Cloth.  The 2 wire Braided Fiber Cloth also has a noise cancelling mic. for superior transmission quality.




Right Ear or Left Ear? - Each N-ear 360 is right or left ear specific and is worn and sold this way.

Available in a DUAL version (both ears) for even better comfort, fit, discreteness and audio experience.

Custom Ear Mold Program Available - Call N2W for more information.

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