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N-ear 360 earpiece DUAL - Straight 22" Silver cable - SnapLock connector

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The N-ear 360 Dual is the most covert earpieces on the market today.  This is truly Improved Critical Communication. The unique patented design bends the wire close to the head to give a discreet, comfortable and secure fit.  The N-ear 360 has proven to be an essential tool in critical communication and is already used and trusted by high performance security and law enforcement teams around the world.





0% Ear Fatigue - Designed to wear all day - Virtually unnoticeable

Discreet -  Invisible design - High concealment 

100% Situational Awareness  - Hear everything around you 

Unique Audio Signature - Patented micro speaker technology

Secure Fit - Patented ear bend and ear tips holds perfectly N-ear 

Toughest Cable - 1.5 times stronger than Kevlar cables

High Durability - Patented cable connector titanium, palladium & aluminum

Speaker Filter - 2 patented replaceable wax speaker filters

Ear Tips - Patented ear tips - replaceable

FDA approved

3 Year Warranty

SnapLock Options - Because the N-ear 360 has SnapLock, you have all the options of 1 or 2 wire in a standard resin line, or in Braided Fiber Cloth.  The 2 wire Braided Fiber Cloth also has a noise cancelling mic. for superior transmission quality.




Right Ear or Left Ear? - Each N-ear 360 is right or left ear specific and is worn and sold this way.

Available in a DUAL version (both ears) for even better comfort, fit, discreteness and audio experience.

Custom Ear Mold Program Available - Call N2W for more information.

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