The Best Value In Two-Way Accessories

Because of our extensive background in the dealer market, we understand the importance of building win/win relationships between you and your customers. Now you can offer your customers higher-quality products for about the same price,
but at a much lower cost to you meaning increased profit margins.

  • Product Innovation - Working directly with the factory allows you to continue to offer new and improved products your customers demand, allowing you to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Factory-to-Dealer Direct - cut out the middle-man and have the ability to address your clients' custom needs. We are the only factory-to-dealer direct warehouse in the country.
  • Branded for Profit Protection - Offer your clients the best value in audio accessories that can only be purchased through you. Popular items cannot be internet-search to price-shop.
  • Quality - All products are designed, built, rigorously-tested and delivered to surpass your clients' expectations. An industry-leading 30 Lbs. pull strength is just one example of our commitment to delivering high-quality accessories.
  • Rapid Replacement Warranty - A 3 year Rapid Replacement Warranty is our stamp of quality, allowing you to sell with confidence.