SnapLock System

SnapLock D-Ring Adjustable

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N2W SnapLock system, is the solution for work environments where there are a large number of users, with a

limited number of radios. The key ingredient is the interchangeable earpiece. The connected cable with PTT stays

with the radio, while the earpiece is swapped out at shift change, providing a hygienic solution to employee usage.


Adjustable D-Ring SnapLock Ear Piece:


• Adjustable sizing for large or small ears

• Swivel to right or left ear

• Flexible soft rubber

• Hygienically correct

• Low replacement cost

• Personal choice

• Perfect for multi-shift radio users

• Multiple 1, 2 and 3 wire base PTT options available - Sold Separately

• 36 Rapid Response Warranty


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• Dimension:  ф23mm

• Impedance:  84Ω ±15%

• Frequency: 300Hz ~ 4Hz

• Rate Power: 10.mW (Max. 30mW)

• Decibel: 112dB±3dB

• Type: Dynamic

• Cable: PU Material

• Approx. Weight: 20g