The Best Dealer Partner In 2Way

See why radio dealers "love working with N2W."
We have extensive background in the dealer market, and we understand the importance of building win/win relationships between you and your customers. Our products are the industry’s highest quality and compete with OEM accessories for a fraction of the price.  Our extensive line gives you the ability to increase your profit while delivering your clients premium audio choices. Our pricing for one item is lower pricing then our competition sells at 100 – 500 unit pricing in most cases. 
  • Product Innovation - N2W has an awesome relationship with our manufacturing team.  We’re constantly evaluating and bringing premium, well thought out products, to the US and international markets together.  Staffed with highly educated engineers in all of our Asian facilities, we have immediate communications with our development, engineering and management teams.
  • Factory-to-Dealer Direct - We take your feedback seriously.  When you work with N2W you are working directly with the manufacturer.  So, problems get solved quickly and good suggestions get implemented immediately.
  • Non-Branded for Profit Protection - We manufacture premium audio 2way accessories with no brand on them.  This is for your protection.  End users cannot internet-search our products and work around you, the dealer.  This means they always come back to you when needing more.  We only sell to dealers.
  • Quality - N2W accessories are the highest quality accesories in the industry.  We know this because we’ve compared them to every other accessory provider in the industry.    99% of all our accessories come with a three-year warranty and are rigorously tested and retested by our test laboratory on a multitude of machines before ever leaving the factory.  Our manufacturing plants are all ISO 9001 certified.  This means every step is verifiable and consistent, so you get the highest quality possible in every piece. Our products are made for “All Day Usage”.  So, not only are they durable, they are also comfortable to wear all day.
  • Rapid Replacement Warranty - An “Industry Best Warranty” program.  We have a relationship with our dealers and we trust what they say.  All you do is let us know one of our accessories are not working and we ship you, the same day, a replacement, no charge, no questions and no paperwork.   You get a copy of the warranty order immediately and the replacement product arrives at your door within 2-3 days.  We have a 0.5% average defect rate (1/2 a percent).