1-Wire Ear Pieces

1 Wire Swivel Slim earpiece w/ Braided Fiber Cloth w/ inline Slim PTT/Boom Mic. (SWVLSLIMBOOM+1W)


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The New Swivel Slim is a slimmer version of the original Swivel. It sits closer to the ear and has a more sleek look and feel. It comes with a removable ear tip to bring the sound directly into the ear. The Swivel Slim Ear Tips are sold separately.



N2W Swivel SLIM - Braided Fiber - 1 Wire: A straight through in-line SLIM PTT/Boom Mic



    •  • Increased Strength and Durability
    •  • Tangle-free and Enhanced Comfort with our Braided Fiber Cloth Line
    •  • Hear-through earpiece offers increased hygiene for multi- users
    •  • Industry leading 90lb pull strength at both ends of the PTT
    •  • Specialized cable for flexibility in various temperature environments
    •  • Molded stress relief at connector
    •  • Connectors available for most radio models


    Swivel Slim BrochureSwivel Slim Inside Brochure



    SnapLock Swivel Slim