2 & 3 Wire Ear Pieces

Acoustic Tube - 3 Wire (AT3W)


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N2W 1, 2 and 3 Wire kits provide superior quality audio sound. Lightweight components and flexible high grade cable will deliver durability for the most demanding situations. Our 2 and 3 Wire kits provide the ultimate in flexibility and discreet communication.  



N2W Acoustic Tube 3 Wire - 1st wire to ear piece, 2nd wire to torpedo PTT, and 3rd wire to lapel microphone 

Special Order on Select Items

    •  • Industry leading 30lb pull strength at both ends of the PTT
    •  • Quick disconnect clip – secures the earpiece and provides additional cable strain relief
    •  • Twist off acoustic tubes – hygienic quick and easy swap between multiple users sharing equipment
    •  • All kits include 2 extra ear tips - clear and beige
    •  • Optional ear pieces
    •  • Connectors available for most radio models

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