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Adaptor with power pin for the Motorola APX, 6 Pin HIROSE (AD-M12-HIROSEP)

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N2W Premium Hirose Adaptor is perfect for users that want the convenience of quick disconnecting their headsets and earpieces.  


N2W Adaptor for Motorola XPR to Hirose Connector with Power Pin 

    •  • 6 Pin Hirose Connection
    •  • User can use the Push-To-Talk on radio or accessory even while there is no accessory connected.
    •  • Heavy duty constructed to last for years.

Works with : 

Motorola - APX Series- 8000, 7000, 6000, 4000, 3000, 1000, 900, SRX 2200, NEXT MOTOTRBO Legacy Series- XPR6300/6350/6380, XPR6500/6550/6580 MOTOTRBO Series- ION, XPR7350/7550/7580, XPR7350e/7550e/7580e

Maxon/Tecnet - TPD-1116, TPD-1416, TPD-1124, TPD-1424

RCA -  PRODIGI DMR Digital - RDR3500, RDR3600, RDR4220, RDR4250, RDR4280


Designated for audio-only purposes, not intended for programming.