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Vertex Radio Adaptor to a Single Pin (AD-Y3-FL3.5)

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N2W AD-Y3-FL3.5 Adaptor for Vertex Radios to a Single Pin Perfect for users that want the convenience of quick disconnecting their headsets and earpieces  

Users that plug in and out of the Vertex radios with a headset can quickly destroy the audio jack of the radio. This adapter can take the daily requirements of multiple connects and disconnects thus keeping the radio out of the repair shop.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This adapter only works with the LS3 connector earpieces from N2W. These earpieces are designed to not plug directly into the radio. This keeps users from plugging the earpiece directly into the radio. These earpieces only work when plugged into our reverse wired AD-Y3-FL3.5 adapter and our ADC-Y3-FL3.5 Adapter Dongle.