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N•ear Protectr™ Earplugs - Heavy Industry (Metal Detectable) (PR-2263)

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The N•ear Protectr™ series offers a comprehensive selection of hearing protection solutions. Introducing N•ear Protectr™ Heavy Industry 25, Metal Detectable, designed as Personal Protection Equipment with a metal-detectable filter, suitable for the food industry. Ideal for noisy environments like machine shops and factories, it reduces sound levels by 25dB, ensuring safe 8-hour use in up to 110dB environments. These earplugs can be paired with earmuffs for double protection in loud situations. 


  • Designed as Personal Protection Equipment. 
  • The filter, the smallest part of the product, is made metal detectable for food industry use. 
  • Suitable for noisy working environments like machine shops, factories, and construction. 
  • DReduces sound levels by 25dB, allowing safe 8-hour use in environments up to 110dB. 
  • Can be combined with earmuffs in very loud situations for double protection. 
  • Integrated filters contain advanced acoustic mesh, providing an air passage to the ear and ensuring optimal comfort. 



    • Weight: 0.032kg 
    • Dimensions: 15.2x7.5x22.5cm 
    • Eartip Size: Medium, Large 
    • Filter Type: -25 dB average damping, impulse filter 


    • 2 x Large universal earplugs 
    • 2 x Medium universal earplugs 
    • 2 x acoustic filters providing 25 dB average damping, and which are 100% acoustically tested. 
    • Aluminum key-ring carrying case 
    • Manual