2 & 3 Wire Ear Pieces

2 Wire Ear Hook, Braided Fiber Cloth, w/ PTT Noise Cancelling Mic. (EH+2W)


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Portable radio users rely on dependable, easy to use, and cost effective solutions for their audio accessories. We offer a variety of options to meet your individual needs. N2W provides a solution to the discomfort associated with   wearing any earpiece over a long period of time by allowing the user to wear the Ear Hook on either ear.  Our high quality microphone ensures crystal clear communications.  


N2W Ear Hook - Braided Fiber Cloth - 2 Wire: 1st wire to ear piece, 2nd wire to noise cancelling microphone and PTT

    •  • Industry leading 90lb pull strength at both ends of the PTT
    •  • 3X Stronger than standard resin
    •  • Tangle-free with enhanced comfort
    •  • Specialized cable for flexibility in various temperature environments
    •  • Enhanced RF-Shielded Microphone
    •  • Molded stress relief at connector
    •  • Ear Bud rotates 360 degrees for improved fit
    •  • Ear Bud adjusts vertically for improved fit

    Earhook Brochure  Braided Fiber Line Brochure