1 Wire SnapLock, Braided Fiber Cloth Large Front PTT/ Mic., Replaceable Coin Battery

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1 Wire Braided Fiber Cloth - SNAPLOCK base large PTT Microphone

Our SnapLock earpiece system allows users to wear the earpiece of choice and simply SNAPLOCK it into the base PTT.  Our high-quality microphone ensures crystal clear communications.


Devices:          Works with Apple and Android devices

Platforms:        ESChat, Wave, Zello, Zebra

                            (does not work on Verizon and ATT Kodiak platforms)

• Industry leading 90lb pull-strength at both ends of the PTT

• Strong 360-degree rotating clip

• Lays comfortably on the body

• Metal connectors on inside and outside molds


3 Year Rapid Replacement Warranty