In-Ear Lightweight Headset, Hi-Def Speakers, Noise Cancelling Mic, Ambient Noise Control (HSHD+IEF)


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Portable radio users rely on dependable, easy to use, and cost-effective solutions for their audio accessories. We offer a variety of options to meet your individual needs. N2W Lightweight headsets are designed to rest comfortably around your ears without weighing them down, allowing for both comfort and quality sound. From over the head or behind the head, the choice is yours.   

N2W Headsets - In-Ear Lightweight - Behind The Head Headset with Knowles Premium Speaker, Dual In-Ear Noise Attention and Dual Ambient Control With Passive Noise Cancelling

    •  • 1 Wire Inline PTT
    •  • Braided Fiber Cloth Cord is 3X Stronger than Standard Resin
    •  • Industry Leading 90lb Pull Strength at Both Ends of the PTT
    •  • Cloth Comfortable - Lays Tangle-Free
    •  • Premium Knowles Speakers Engineered Specifically for Voice Quality in Each Ear
    •  • High Quality Speech Tuned Passive Noise Cancelling Microphone
    •  • Lightweight, Comfortable, & Adjustable Metal behind the Head Band
    •  • Adjustable Soft Rubber Sizing Band
    •  • Dual Diaphragm Noise Cancelling Boom Mic
    •  • Dual Noise Reduction Foam Ear Tips
    •  • Dual Ambient Control at Ear Tips

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