Throat Mic Acoustic Tube - Nexus Connector (TMA-N)

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N2W'S Throat microphone adjustable, Acoustic Tube with inline PTT  with Nexus Connector

Absorbing vibrations directly from the throat offers a number of advantages over conventional microphones. Boom mics cannot function in high-noise and high-wind environments because they are sensitive to all sounds carried by the air. Throat mics, however, pick up only vibrations from the throat, and are insensitive to background noise and wind turbulence. They can be worn with helmets, masks, HAZMAT suits, and full-face breathing apparatuses. Because they do not interfere with the use of other equipment and are highly adaptable to a variety of extreme acoustic environments, throat mics are ideal for a wide variety of tactical and recreational applications.

 • Acoustic Tube Earpiece

 • Straight Cable with Inline PTT

 • Covert Finger PTT Included

 • Adjustable Neck for Comfort