N-ear Boom Mic. Single Ear Earpiece - (BM+22-USBC)


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The N-ear Boom Mic. Single Ear Earpiece is for users who need a boom microphone to capture clean, crisp audio at any speaking volume.  The audio quality is crystal clear and the comfort level is fantastic.  Low in profile, it stays in the ear due to the universal ear housing that holds the earpiece solid in the ear.  You can jump and run and it still remains firm in its position.  It comes with S, M, & L premium memory foam ear tips.  After pinching the foam tip with your fingers, simply place it in the ear and the foam will expand to the ear canal perfectly giving you a dedicated sound chamber for audio communications.

The New N-ear Boom Mic. plugs directly into the CHOICE2™ PTT/mic. is IP67 and compatible with our Bluetooth Wireless PTT (Push-To-Talk). Users love the flexibility of a second PTT on a steering wheel, handlebars, vest molle straps, belt loops, or guns.  The Wireless PTT works independently from the CHOICE™ wired PTT.  Replaceable coin cell battery and stays charged for months.

The Braided Fiber Cloth™ cord is extremely comfortable, and durable with a 90lb pull-strength and a simple 1-Wire setup.

When ordering, you will need to choose Left or Right Ear.