N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer™ Headset 22' Length (BMS+22-3.5F-USBC)

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Experience enhanced audio clarity and unmatched comfort with the Near Boom Mic Stabilizer™. Crafted to elevate communication for dispatch personnel, especially when paired with the Near 360™ Earpiece. Say hello to superior sound and lasting comfort with every use.


  • Sleek, lightweight behind-the-head design. 
  • 6′ Braided Fiber Cloth cord for durability. 
  • Choose between left or right-sided boom microphone position. 
  • Enables direct attachment of any N•ear 360™ Earpiece (sold separately), single or dual. 
  • Dual connectors: one for the quick-connect dispatch system, the second for a female 3.5mm port. 
  • So comfortable that it allows you to hold a phone to your head on the same side as the N•ear 360 earpiece.