N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer™ Headset 6 (BMS+72-3.5F-QD)

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New N-ear Boom Mic. Stabilizer™ This lightweight, low-profile boom microphone headset solution has a 6′ Braided Fiber Cloth cord that has two connectors, one that goes to the quick disconnect dispatch system and the second connector goes to a female 3.5mm port to add your earpiece of choice,

The boom mic. is premium quality and can be worn on the left or right side of the head.  Users can use a single or dual N-ear 360 earpiece.  So comfortable, you can hold a phone up to your head on the same side as the N-ear 360 earpiece.

The New N-ear Boom can plug directly into multiple PTT (Push-To-Talk) solutions including our highly sought after Choice™ PTT with connectors to plug into any radio model.  Wireless PTT options are also available.