N•EAR 360™

Wireless PTT (IP67) works with Choice ™ Wireless Capable PTTs (CWPTT)

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The CHOICE™ PTT/Mic. Offers the added functionality of a Bluetooth Wireless PTT (sold separately), providing versatility for various applications. Ideal for use on steering wheels, handlebars, molly vests, belt loops, firearms, or any other convenient location, the Wireless PTT seamlessly integrates into your daily setup.


  •  Wireless Push-To-Talk
  • Works with Choice PTT
  • 2 Velcro Straps
  • Range up to 100m
  • Battery Performance: Enjoy 2 years of performance from the removable coin battery, replacing it as needed.


  • Easily pair with Choice PTT via the pairing button on the back. (Takes just seconds)


    CHOICE PTT PresentationPairing your Wireless PTT with the CHOICE™ PTT